Advanced training in body therapy

with final certificate as a body and drama therapist

Participation only for drama therapists who have completed at least the colloquium of our advanced training courses.

Basic assumptions
Body and movement are the bridge to the inner and outer world(s) throughout life!
Every change takes place in the current action – i.e. in physical activity!
The focus of this six-part training course is on practical approaches to freeing the body from a state of numbness and fixation, getting it moving again and releasing the potential for change.
We primarily deepen the body-therapeutic knowledge that has already been imparted in the vocational training course and focus on the concrete application of this knowledge as a (psycho)therapeutic tool and its anchoring in one’s own self-image.

Based on embodiment research, the training focuses on physical processes from an individual (expressive), interpersonal (enactment: movement in contact & interaction) and systemic-integrative perspective (embeddedness: interaction and embedding in internal and external systems). In line with findings from the therapeutic sciences, the body is primarily understood as a resonance space and resonance instrument, which regains its healing significance in the therapeutic process.

We understand the role of the therapist as a facilitator and initiator of change processes. Consequently, the therapist’s body is the primary medium of this process. Therefor, the personal confrontation of the participants with their inner attitude and unconscious transference on the physical level is central to this process (specifically in the two supervision modules, but also in all others).

Module 1
Body knowledge

  • What is there in terms of knowledge, methods, applications of bodywork in drama therapy?
  • Inner images of the body
  • Our basic understanding of psycho-somatics
  • Body as a system = basic systemic understanding (this includes our  understanding of “solution” as a release from rigidity, away from problem fixation)
  • Body as a moving structure (impression and expression, intercorporality)
  • Body as a RESONANCE SPACE (resonance/mirroring of internal and external events)

Date: Oktober 11 – 13, 2024
Facilitators: Ingrid Lutz, Fabian Chyle, Klaus Möller

Module 2:
Body memory

  • Body + voice as a gateway to the unconscious
  • phylo- and ontogenetic body memory
  • Early conditioning / (+ embryology)
  • Body as a gateway to resources, but also to regression and trauma (!)

Date: November 29. – December 1, 2024
Facilitators: Ingrid Lutz and Klaus Möller

Module 3:
Supervision on individual approaches to the body and therapeutic attitude/transference of participants in relation to the ‘body’

Date: February 14 – 16, 2025
Facilitators: Ingrid Lutz and Fabian Chyle

Module 4:
Body as a process medium

  • Initiating change processes through movement and expression in the nonordinary (artistic) use of the body:
  • Tschechov qualities in therapy
  • Enactment / scenic processing / play
  • Choreography as a simultaneous possibility of decentration, liquification and alternative ways of appropriating the world
  • Social choreography: healing negotiation between the bodies
  • Staging and performativity in the therapeutic process

Date: April 11 – 13, 2025
Facilitators: Fabian Chyle and Klaus Möller

Module 5:
Body and emotion

  • Concept of the 4 bodies*
  • Body as a projection space for affective/emotional states (e.g. shame and guilt in their function as collective constructs and their effects on the body)
  • Body + nature (body represents our animal aspects, our “being in nature”)
  • Dying and passing away as processes of resolution inherent to the body
  • Trance & Co
  • Ritual structure & the group and transpersonal body

* “Working with the 4 bodies”: physical body, emotional body, ‘mind’ body, dream body
These 4 bodies appear in many body traditions and are also reflected in our brain structure. The interplay of the ‘4 bodies’ forms the basic melody of our lives, so to speak; everything else is – as in jazz – variations of this basic chord, from which our specific life music (our personality) is formed.

Date: July 18 – 20, 2025
Facilitators: Ingrid Lutz and Klaus Möller

Module 6:
Completion: Body project – presentation or performance and supervision

Date: September 25 – 28, 2025 (4 days)
Facilitators: Ingrid Lutz and Fabian Chyle

Module 1 – 5 from Friday 10 am to Sunday 3 pm,
Module 6 from Thursday 10 am to Sunday 3 pm


3,000 € in total
(Module 2 – 5: € 300 each, Module 1 and 6: € 400 each)
Payable in 12 monthly installments of € 250 each, starting from 01.10.2024, last installment on 01.09.2025

Fabian Chyle-Silvestri
Ingrid Lutz
Klaus Möller

Franca Casabonne
Jakob Heydemann
Maren Schlüter

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