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November 2023

Call for Papers

Drama Therapy Review Special Issue

 ‘Drama Therapy and the Climate Crisis’ 

Submission deadline: August 1, 2024
Editors: Nisha Sajnani, Alida Gersie and Jessica Bleuer

Further information: https://www.intellectbooks.com/drama-therapy-review

Contributions in various formats are welcome:
In addition to research articles, creative forms such as photo essays, plays and video submissions are also possible, provided that they are conceptualized and described. The text should include a preamble explaining how and why this aesthetic form was chosen and refer to relevant, appropriate literature.

Juli 2021

Brief report from the first R-ITT Advisory Board Meeting

On July 24, the Advisory Board met online with the R-ITT management for the first time.
Board members Nisha Sajnani, Susana Pendzik and Anna Seymour made the following recommendations:

Recommendations on how to approach research:

  • Make the voices of practitioners* as well as clients* audible, visible via research: give them a voice!
  • Use creative methods to support practitioners to conduct research in their workplace!
  • Encourage performance space research
  • Formulate research using questions such as: “What do you need to know?”, “What are you curious about?”, “What more do you need to know?”, “What should that research be for?”
  • Research based on “How-ness”, “How are we doing it” / “How do we do something”
  • Consider power relations and socio-cultural issues!
  • Then look at what is actually happening in current theater: on the street, in small and large theaters: “What is ALIVE in culture? What is theater doing? Bridging to our field.”

Further recommendations on setting up the research circles:

  •  anchor it in practitioners’ curiosity
  • focus on e.g. 3 different approaches to substantiate this curiosity
  • always have one person in the research groups, who is particularly well versed in the respective specific approach (e.g. in the clinical setting, if that is important)
  • Establish an incubation group to collect and present research topics
  • In all research groups, focus on the potential and knowledge that the participants bring to the table

Recommended reading:

  • From Therapeutic Factors to Mechanisms of Change in the Creative Arts Therapies: A Scoping Review
  • Intersectionality and the Ethics of Care in the Creative Arts Therapies

We would like to thank our Advisory Board Nisha, Anna, Susana and Ingrid for their valuable support and enthusiasm for our steps to promote critical drama therapy research! There was a great energy in the room and the next Advisory Board meeting is planned for December.