Intensive seminar on family history topics and the conflict between longing for development and development blockages

Self-experience and enhanced training for drama therapists (possibly also for ‘normal’ people, please inquire)


– of survival in difficult times
– of longing, love, death and the devil …
– and the price we pay

Families have myths, just like peoples, religions or institutions, families pass on their wealth of knowledge about life and survival primarily through stories. These myths or narratives are an important part of the bonds that hold families together, our actual ‘heritage’, the inheritance of material goods, is rarely the main thing.

We humans are ‘storytelling animals’ (according to Mooli Lahad), the stories we tell about ourselves and the world determine – consciously or unconsciously – the behavior and understanding of roles of the individual family members and make up the quality of our relationships and thus our lives.

Every (family) system has its very own balancing concepts in order to enable its preservation and development in the tension between the given social framework conditions and the family’s life situation. These well-fitting balancing concepts are passed on to the next generation as beliefs, basic attitudes or myths.

Entrenchment and developmental blockages arise when such myths are no longer the subject of lively generational conflicts, but are instead taken for granted as individual attitudes to life, which lead to intrapsychic conflicts whose content and dimensions elude consciousness. Both in cultures and in families, the part of the stories that does not fit into the official narrative goes ‘underground’/into the unconscious,  and is thus inherited in a particularly lasting way and often develops destructive forces.

In order to get to the bottom of these repressed or hidden stories, we use various methods of system enactment and constellation work, supplemented by methods that activate the body and promote mindfulness. Through ‘careful directions’, this enactment is intensified in such a way that the forces of problem fixation and attachment can be directly experienced by all participants. The more or less bearable individual problem is taken out of its systemic balance and placed in a new space where it can be felt in all its immanent drama. Through playing together, helpful forces in the system can be perceived and new perspectives discovered, but also the solidification of a system dynamic can be experienced, the drama of which urges a ‘survival decision’.

In the last session on Sunday, there is room for the methodological and basic therapeutic questions raised by the participants during the seminar. This deconstruction work can contain intensive therapeutic impulses for both protagonist and fellow participants; if necessary, more in-depth and supportive follow-up sessions can therefore be arranged with us after the seminar.

Facilitators: Ingrid Lutz, Daniela Debald

Dates: Oktober 3 (public holiday) – 6, 2024
Times: Thursday – Saturday: 10 am – 7 pm
Sunday: 10 am – 3 pm

Location: Berlin-Kreuzberg

Course fees: 400 € / 360 € reduced

Note: The language of the seminar is predominantly in German

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