Landscapes of the Soul’ – Nature and Healing

A vocational training in nature therapy for drama- and other therapists.

What is healing about “nature”? And what influence does nature have on us?

In this vocational training we want to give access to different aspects of nature and its specific self-healing powers – both for the own regeneration of therapists and for the application with clients.

Landscapes are also images of the soul, each of which has a very specific influence on us. They serve us as mirrors and allow access to very different lost or blocked dimensions. In this training we dedicate ourselves to four landscapes with special healing powers, each of which will be explored in 8-day journeys:

Masks of the forest:
while building and playing masks in the forest we experience an encounter with the uncivilized unconscious and the “wild” forces of our nature slumbering in it.
August 3 -12, 2018, Bavarian Forest.

The wisdom of the mountains:
here we enter a space of silence, of borderline experience and of a wider view – and learn to “come over the mountain” in a very concrete way while hiking.
September 14 – 22, 2019, Padola, Comelico Superiore, Dolomites.

Water of life:
a journey to our sources and of seeking new ways to navigate through our lives. We will explore this in a very concrete way by canoe on rivers and lakes.
August 13 – 22, 2021, Island Werder / Lindow (Mark)

Additional option: Water of Life II
August 8 – 14, 2022, Island Werder / Lindow (Mark)

The spirit of the desert:
the desert requires from us reduction, limitation to the essentials, the encounter with emptiness and the dissolution/irrelevance of old patterns.
April 16 – 26, 2023, Negev Desert (Israel)

Additional option: Water of Life III: Ripe for the Island?
August 25 – September 3, 2023, Werder Island / Lindow (Mark).

4 modules of approx. 8 – 10 days each and a final weekend.
!! It is also possible to participate only in individual trips!!!

Certificate as nature-therapeutic guide
To obtain the certificate, participation in a final weekend (probably 01. – 03.09.2023) is required.

480 € (reduced 350 € for participants in several journeys of this series), plus different additional costs for accommodation and meals depending on the landscape.

Ingrid Lutz and landscape-related specialist lecturers.

Note & further info:
A personal meeting with Ingrid Lutz is required to participate. Appointment:

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