International Summer Conference 2022
Theatre & Therapy

Ritual and Transpersonal Approaches in Dramatherapy

Looking at the whole as part of the whole – Meeting the challenges of our time

June 15 – 19, 2022

Jugendbildungszentrum Blossin e. V., 15754 Heidesee (near Berlin)


Every year, the German Association of Dramatherapy (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Theatertherapie – DGfT), together with the Institute for Dramatherapy (Institut für Theatertherapie – ITT) organizes an international symposium on theater and therapy.

The past 2 years have shown us how quickly everything can change and how much we depend on each other and wider relations, links and constellations.
In 2020 and 2021 we had to cancel our summer conference due to the pandemic, but we are not giving up. In fairy tales there are usually 3 attempts, and so we hope, despite all the difficulties, to be able to hold it this year as an attendance event. Of course with high corona protection measures (rapid tests by everybody, distance, masks, ventilation, reduction of the number of participants, etc.). Our conference venue is very suitable with a spacious area and many possibilities to meet and work outside, e.g. also to eat outside.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The speakers and facilitators from different countries all want to come, we have put together a very exciting program and our topic is highly relevant especially in this current time! The fact that everyone is challenged to put aside individual needs in favor of the ‘whole’ becomes quite noticeable everyday, often painfully. What is needed now? What does the pandemic and the climate change require from all of us in terms of rethinking and especially in the therapeutic context in terms of new orientation and basic understanding?                       
We want to offer a forum for these questions and are looking forward to lively experiences and discussions in our group!

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Please note: Changes may appear due to the unpredictable global pandemic situation!


Conference Address
Jugendbildungszentrum Blossin e. V.
Waldweg 10
15754 Heidesee / OT Blossin

Institut für Theatertherapie (ITT)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Theatertherapie e.V. (DGfT)

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Martina Hoffmann-Seidel
Tel. +49 (0)1523 8501660

Overall management and content programming
Ingrid Lutz
Ilil Land-Boss

On-site management
Klaus Wührl-Struller
Tel. +49 (0)170 7580780

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