International Summer Academy

Theatre & Therapy

24 – 28 June, 2020

Jugendbildungszentrum Blossin e. V., 15754 Heidesee (near Berlin)

Every year, the German Association of Dramatherapy (DGfT), in cooperation with the Institut für Theatertherapie (ITT), holds an international symposium on theatre and therapy.

This year’s topic is

Ritual and Transpersonal Approaches in Dramatherapy
Looking at the whole and being part of the whole – Meeting the challenges of our time

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Conference Address
Jugendbildungszentrum Blossin e. V.
Waldweg 10
15754 Heidesee / OT Blossin

Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Theatertherapie e.V. (DGfT)
und das Institut fuer Theatertherapie (ITT)

Registration and Organization 
Martina Hoffmann-Seidel
Tel. 01523 8501660

General Management 
Ingrid Lutz
Assistance/Public Relation
Ilil Land-Boss

Meeting Management on site 
Klaus Wührl-Struller
Tel. 0170 7580780