Advanced training in transpersonal drama therapy

Academy of the Inner Knowing

Rituals – Breath – Trance – Staging the unconscious – Collective healing space

A training path to develop the 6th and 7th sense for (drama) therapists who want to expand their ability and work in the area of invisible and transpersonal connections

The so-called 6th sense is usually referred to as intuition, but it is nothing more than a certain perception of the invisible that each of us has, that is not encouraged in our culture and often even suppressed. Nevertheless, it can be practiced and developed in a targeted manner. So can the 7th sense, which relates more to the perception of transpersonal dimensions, with which we can place ourselves in the service of larger contexts and be carried by their wave of energy. Access to this 7th sense is primarily via other, non-ordinary states of consciousness, which will be practiced here.

The training path offered here is structured in such a way that we can immerse ourselves deeply in these other states of consciousness during the annual 8-day retreats and deepen our knowledge and practice on the following topics at weekends in between:

  • The 6th and 7th senses: access to the invisible – via trance, meditation, contemplation, etc.
  • Body knowledge and modern brain physiology and embryology
  • Topography of the unconscious: dimensions of experience in other states of consciousness – from the personal to the archetypal and collective to the transpersonal/universal
  • Books of the dead (especially the Egyptian and Tibetan books of the dead, partly also South American traditions): the healing approach to death and the dead
  • Human knowledge in fairy tales and myths: how can we understand the implicit, often hidden messages?
  • Rituals: practice and knowledge about the meaning and development of healing rituals
  • Boundary experiences: how? when? what for?
  • Saying goodbye to the wounds of childhood and separation from the living

The order of these topics depends on the group process. A further component of the training is the observation/assistance of some of the training groups at the Breath & Trance seminars, which take place twice a year and are still open to all.

The place of the Retreats in Brandenburg


Retreat 1: Nature & Healing, Breath & Trance
– Intensive seminar to develop the 6th and 7th sense
Date : August 17 – 25, 2024
Location: Lower Havel nature reserve, Brandenburg

Date 2: November 15 – 17, 2024
Location: Berlin

Date 3: 1January 7 – 19, 2025
Location: Berlin

Date 4: April 25 – 27, 2025
Location: Berlin

Retreat 2: “Serving life”
Date: August 23 – 31, 2025
Location: Lower Havel nature reserve, Brandenburg

If there are more dates needed, we will set them up together!

500 € per retreat, 250 € per week (without accommodation and meals)
Participation should not fail because of money, there are enough services with which a balance can be achieved!

Ingrid Lutz

Participation by invitation only
Inquiries directly to Ingrid at