The Institute for Theatre Therapy conducts a variety of research and performance projects together with different cooperation partners. Find a selection below.


Trauma treatment and resilience through drama therapy. A German-Russian-Israeli-American cooperation

On the Banality of Evil – a performance in a prison based on Alfred Jarry´s “King UBU”

“Penelope, Kassandra, Medusa & Co” – a dramtherapeutic performance on sexual abuse. A report on the project was published in “Theatertherapie – a compendium”. D. Müller-Weith et al. Paderborn 2002

The Use of Ritual in Contemporary (Drama-) Therapy. A research project initiated by Ingrid Lutz, presented at “Ritual Dynamics and the Science of Ritual” –
Ritual Conference 2008 at the University of Heidelberg

Jacky B. A life in extremes. A performance with borderliners at
Theater Oberhausen 2012
Director: Heike Scharpff