Summer Conference 2022

Trainers & Lecturers

Bettina Grote
PhD, systemic nature therapist and consultant, further education provider and teaching trainer, Berlin, freelancer since 2004, trained by Astrid Habiba Kreszmeier, Hans-Peter Hufenus, Christine Essen.
Coordinator of a ritual community in Berlin within the association Terreiros terra sagrada, contributor to the nature-dialogue-movement, editor-advisory board for e&l – erleben und lernen, international journal for action-oriented learning; publisher of various professional articles.

Bonnie Harnden
is a creative arts therapist, psychoanalyst, couple and family therapist, and Associate Professor in Concordia University’s Creative Arts Therapies Department. She was the recipient of the 2019 Concordia President’s Excellence in Teaching award.  Her research uses arts-based performance to focus on the effects of trauma and the healing possibilities of awe and gratitude. She was awarded the 2017 Research Award from the North American Drama Therapy Association (NADTA) for her play and film You Arrive (in production), which explores the therapeutic process and how it helps to resolve the effects of trauma. In 2018 she was awarded the NADTA Teaching Excellence Award.

Liane Hofmann
Dr., has a degree in psychology and works as a research assistant at the Institute for Border Areas of Psychology and Psychohygiene (Institut für Grenzgebiete der Psychologie und Psychohygiene – IGPP), Freiburg i. Brsg in the research area of empirical cultural and social research. Her work focuses on the possibilities of integrations of the spiritual and religious dimension in clinical psychotherapeutic practice as well as clinical-therapeutic questions in connection with spiritual crises. Training and further education in various psychotherapeutic, body-oriented and mindfulness-based methods. She is co-editor of the book ‘Spiritualität und spirituelle Krisen. Handbuch zu Theorie, Forschung und Praxis’.
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Annette Hornbacher
is Professor of Ethnology at the University of Heidelberg and specialized in Indonesia, performance and ritual research, trance possession, embodiment and non-Western knowledge systems. She studied literature, philosophy and cultural anthropology at the University of Tübingen, doctoral dissertation in philosophy on Friedrich Hölderlin’s concept of poetic language as “higher enlightenment”, habilitation in cultural anthropology at the University of Munich with a study on Balinese ritual dance as embodied cosmological knowledge, and paralelly several years of practical theatre experience as a dramaturg and director at various theatres and an opera festival (Rossin in Wildbad).
Her current research interests are: “Theories of Subject and Trance Posession”, “Esoteric Scribality and Embodiment in Bali” and “Human-Environment Relations in the Anthropocene”.

David Read Johnson
PhD, RDT-BCT is the Director of the Institute for Developmental Transformations; Co-Director, Post Traumatic Stress Center, New Haven Connecticut USA; and Associate Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Yale University School of Medicine.

Denise de Jong van Lier
Denise trained in theatre education (Theaterpädagogik) in Berlin. After that she studied Creative Therapy / Drama at the Hogeschool Utrecht. She is also a graduate in the method Developmental Transformations (Institute for Developmental Transformations, New Haven, USA).
Besides her work as a drama therapist, Denise teaches drama in higher education (Academy for People and Society, Saxion Enschede) and directs youth and adult theater groups.

Ilil Land-Boss
M.A. in Theatre and Film Studies, Cultural Anthropology and General Linguistics, dramatherapist DGfT reg., alternative practitioner for psychotherapy (Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie), actress, director, performer, lecturer and trainer for theatre, community theatre / pedagogy and dramatherapy.
2017 – 2018 guest professor in the dramatherapy training, HfWU Nürtingen-Geislingen, further teaching activities at different academies and universities.
Several years of theoretical and practical investigation of rituals.
Since autumn 2020, Ilil is a doctoral student at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) and the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (KUG) in Theatre/Performance on the theme ‘Creating liminal and ritual spaces in participatory performance – The utilization of embodied ritual structures and principles, and therapeutic elements, to propose spaces of transitional and liminal experience’.

Ingrid Lutz
Head of the Dramatherapy Trainings in Berlin, many years of teaching and lecturing at universities and congresses in Germany and abroad, 2 decades of research projects on rituals and healing methods of different cultures, including South America, India, Laos. Own practice for supervision and dramatherapy in Berlin-Kreuzberg, until WS 2017 professor for dramatherapy. 3-year training in transpersonal therapy and holotropic breathwork, own practice for supervision and dramatherapy in Berlin-Kreuzberg, professor for dramatherapy until winter semester 2017.

Klaus Möller 
BVA® breathing therapist, freelance actor and director, Protestant theologian.
Guest lecturer for supervision at the TheaterPädagogikZentrum Baden-Württ. e.V. in Reutlingen, guest lecturer for body work at the Institut für Theatertherapie in Berlin; breath therapy at the Hahnemann-Tagesklinik in Tübingen and in own practice.

Ryszard Nieoczym
is founder & co-artistic director of LeTHAL / Le Theatre de L’Homme Actor’s Laboratorium, a theatre research and performance centre in Toronto, Canada. He has directed over 50 professional theatre productions in Europe, Canada and the USA. He is a former student and a collaborator of Grotowski in both his theatrical and Paratheatrical work. His artistic vision is the creation of Imaginal Theatre rooted in mythic sources; and the focus of his work is theatre research and the deepening of the actor’s craft, which he calls Soundings. He is developing a network of artistic collaborators between Europe and Canada based on theatre research projects. Current Soundings take place in different countries, Greece, Germany, Serbia, Netherlands, Canada …. In association with MadDam, an independent theatre group based in Athens and other independent groups in Canada and Europe, he developed a major international project entitled Ancient Mirrors /Modern Voices, a series of one woman shows based on the archetypal figures of Medusa, Kassandra, Psyche and Eros, Pandora and Pasiphae which were performed in Athens and Thessaloniki. Ryszard Nieoczym’s professional experience, his great intuition, his ability to uncover the depths of the human soul, which pulsates behind each human mask, allows each participant to make a significant step along their individual artistic path.

William Sax
was born in a small town in the eastern part of the American state of Washington, studied in Seattle, Wisconsin and India, and received his doctorate in anthropology from the University of Chicago in 1987. He has taught at Harvard University, the University of Canterbury in New Zealand (where he lived for eleven years) and Germany, where he has been Professor of South Asian Ethnology at the South Asia Institute of the University of Heidelberg since 2000. In total, he has spent about fifteen years in India and wrote or edited three monographs, seven anthologies and dozens of essays on theatre, healing, rituals, mental health, psychiatry in South Asia, and posession.

Johannes Benedikt Schmidt
Dr. Dipl. Psych., further training in behavioural therapy, hypnotherapy, systemic family therapy, systemic supervision, body-oriented trauma healing approaches (Somatic Experiencing), structural dissociation, brainspotting, psychotraumatology (DeGPT), trauma-focused psychotherapy (IKP), systemic constellation work and craniosacral biodynamics. Doctorate on the transcendental in psychotherapy. Working in his own practice since 1995, since 2004 founder and director of the Aptitude Academy. International seminar and teaching activities. As a psychotherapist and counsellor, he is said to get to the heart of things. He has a benevolent sense of humour, his clarity and honesty is challenging for some and liberating for others. Author of the books ‘Der Körper kennt den Weg’ (‘The Body Knows the Way’) (2008) and ‘Das Transzendente in der Psychotherapie – Über Spiritualität und Präsenz im therapeutischen Wirken (‘The Transcendent in Psychotherapy – On Spirituality and Presence in Therapeutic Work) (2019).

Dr. Rajyashree Ramesh 
is a dancer trained in Indian classical dance and song, choreographer, certified Laban/Bartenieff movement analyst, holistic fascia trainer according to Laban and cultural scientist. Born in Pune/India, raised in Mumbai and Bangalore/India and living in Berlin since 1977, she looks back on a professional experience of over 5 decades. Most of it as a cross-cultural mediator of Indian traditions through solo performances, multinational/multidisciplinary stage productions, workshops and lecture-performances at international conferences. After founding her own Academy for Performing Arts, she has trained numerous dancers, including those of European descent, in classical Indian stage dance over the last three decades. The questions and challenges of such cross-cultural activities eventually sparked her deep interest in movement and its fundamental relevance.  After certification as a Laban/Bartenieff movement analyst, she continued her research academically and completed her doctorate at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt/Oder on the topic “Sensing and Shaping – The emotive-kinetic grounding of meaning. A cross-disciplinary analysis of Indian dance theatre”. She is currently a lecturer and coordinator for dance at the Global Music Academy Berlin, where she offers courses as well as an certified training in transcultural dance and movement studies under the title “Bharatha-to-Bartenieff “.