Trainers & Lecturers

Fabian Chyle Dr. rer. Medic.
studied dance and choreography at the Amsterdam Theatre School and dance/movement therapy at Columbia College Chicago. Since 1995 he has created more than 25 full-length productions in which dance, theatre, music, performance and visual arts interact in a unique way. Next to his artistic work, Fabian Chyle specialized in dance/movement therapy work in the prison system, in particular in the reconstruction of offences and in movement therapy accompaniment of sexual and violence offenders. Since 1995 he has taught internationally, including Columbia College Chicago, the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart and the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Rotterdam (CODARTS). 2016 doctoral dissertation on “Body and movement-based interventions with male offenders” at the University of Witten-Herdecke. Since 2017 head of the dance department at the Academy of Cultural Education of the Federal Government and the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Bonnie Harnden
is a creative arts therapist, psychoanalyst, couple and family therapist, and Associate Professor in Concordia University’s Creative Arts Therapies Department. She was the recipient of the 2019 Concordia President’s Excellence in Teaching award.  Her research uses arts-based performance to focus on the effects of trauma and the healing possibilities of awe and gratitude. She was awarded the 2017 Research Award from the North American Drama Therapy Association (NADTA) for her play and film You Arrive (in production), which explores the therapeutic process and how it helps to resolve the effects of trauma. In 2018 she was awarded the NADTA Teaching Excellence Award.

Annette Hornbacher
is Professor of Ethnology at the University of Heidelberg and specialized on Indonesia, performance and ritual research, trance possession, embodiment and non-Western knowledge systems. Studies of literature, philosophy and ethnology at the University of Tübingen, doctoral dissertation in philosophy on Friedrich Hölderlin’s concept of poetic language as “higher enlightenment”, habilitation in ethnology at the University of Munich with a study on Balinese ritual dance as embodied cosmological knowledge, and at the same time several years of practical theatre experience as a dramaturg and director at various theatres and an opera festival. Her current research interests are: “Theories of Subject and Trance Posession”, “Esoteric Scribality and Embodiment in Bali” and “Human-Environment Relations in the Anthropocene”.

Astrid Habiba Kreszmeier
Trained in systemic psychotherapy, special education, counselling and further education. She is a training therapist, lecturer and author in the theory and practice of nature therapy and deep mythology (see Kreszmeier 2019: Heilsame Dialoge. In: Pfeiffer (Ed.): Natur in Psychotherapie und künstlerischen Therapien). In addition, she has been initiated in the field of Brazilian Umbanda and Candomble traditions for many years and holds a ritual teaching and guiding role in these traditions. Her research focuses on the dialogue between human, nature and spiritual dimensions as well as polytheistic cosmologies and egalitarian life forms.

Ingrid Lutz
Head of the Dramatherapy Training in Berlin, many years of teaching and lecturing at universities and congresses in Germany and abroad, For more than 2 decades shed id research on rituals and healing methods of different cultures, including South America, India and Laos. She has her own practice for supervision and dramatherapy in Berlin-Kreuzberg and professor for dramatherapy until the end of 2017.

Ryszard Nieoczym
is founder & co-artistic director of LeTHAL / Le Theatre de L’Homme Actor’s Laboratorium, a theatre research and performance centre in Toronto, Canada. He has directed over 50 professional theatre productions in Europe, Canada and the USA. He is a former student and a collaborator of Grotowski in both his theatrical and Paratheatrical work. His artistic vision is the creation of Imaginal Theatre rooted in mythic sources; and the focus of his work is theatre research and the deepening of the actor’s craft, which he calls Soundings. He is developing a network of artistic collaborators between Europe and Canada based on theatre research projects. Current Soundings take place in different countries, Greece, Germany, Serbia, Netherlands, Canada …. In association with MadDam, an independent theatre group based in Athens and other independent groups in Canada and Europe, he developed a major international project entitled Ancient Mirrors /Modern Voices, a series of one woman shows based on the archetypal figures of Medusa, Kassandra, Psyche and Eros, Pandora and Pasiphae which were performed in Athens and Thessaloniki. Ryszard Nieoczym’s professional experience, his great intuition, his ability to uncover the depths of the human soul, which pulsates behind each human mask, allows each participant to make a significant step along their individual artistic path.

Susana Pendzik
(PhD, RDT) is a senior drama-therapist, trained in San Francisco, CA. She is a Registered Drama Therapist at NADTA (North American Drama Therapy Association), a founder and honorary member of the Swiss Dramatherapy Association, and an accredited supervisor by I.C.E.T. (Israeli Association of Creative and Expressive Therapies). She lectures at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, at the Tel-Hai Academic College in Israel, at the Dramatherapy Institute of Switzerland, of which she is also a program consultant and at the Institut für Theatertherapie, Berlin. Argentinian born, Susana has lived in Mexico and the U.S, and conducts workshops worldwide. She is a mother, a poet, a theatre director, and a researcher. She is the author of many articles on drama therapy, a book for using action techniques with abused women (Gruppenarbeit mit mißhandelten Frauen, 1999, AG SPAK Bücher; 2nd edition), and co-editor of the book Assessment in Drama Therapy (2011; Charles C. Thomas).

Prof. William Sax
was born in a small town in the eastern part of the American state of Washington, studied in Seattle, Wisconsin and India, and received his doctorate in anthropology from the University of Chicago in 1987. He has taught at Harvard University, the University of Canterbury in New Zealand (for eleven years) and Germany, where he has been Professor of South Asian Ethnology at the South Asia Institute of the University of Heidelberg since 2000. In total he has spent about fifteen years in India and wrote or edited three monographs, seven anthologies and dozens of essays on theatre, healing, rituals, mental health, psychiatry in South Asia and posession.

Anna Seymour
(PhD, PFHEA)  is Professor of Dramatherapy at the University of Roehampton, London, Visiting Professor at the University of Osijek, Croatia and honorary member of the Societa Professionale di Dramaterapie, Italy. She is an international trainer and consultant, Senior Editor of ‘Dramatherapy: approaches, relationships, critical ideas (Routledge, Taylor and Francis) and is the Director of the Centre for International Research in the Arts and Play Therapies.

Sri Venu G.
is well known as a research scholar, author, performer/director with rare expertise in the style of Kuttiyattam, and a person responsible for the rejuvenation of several rare traditional art forms of Kerala. He has inherited the Nava Rasa-practice from the tradition of scholars of the Kodungallur royal family in Kerala through Ammannur Madhava Chakyar. He then conceived the system of Sadhana by codifiying it in a way so that actors from various genres will be able to incorporate the practice of the Nine Rasa-s into their own performance trainings.The Sadhana is nourished not only by Master Venu G.’s. profound expertise of Classical Indian Performance Tradition (Kuttiyattam), but also by his knowledge gained in the field of transcultural performance (World Theatre Project/Sweden, intense pan-asian exchange, ITI Singapore and National School of Drama in of Drama in New Delhi) and encounters with great Theatre Masters of diverse traditions.