Summer Conference 2023

Fees and Registration

Fees for participation

320 € / reduced: 280 €

The registration is binding only with the transfer of the fee.
Reduced prices apply for job seekers and students (only with proof!).
Accommodation and meals are not included in this price.
Participants of our further education courses “Theater Therapy” only pay for accommodation and meals.

Fees for accommodation and meals

ARRIVAL Wednesday (first meal dinner) and …

  • Departure Saturday (3 nights, last meal: dinner).
    Meals: 96 €
    Accommodation in single room: 102 € (with shower), 87 € (without shower)
    Accommodation in 2-3 bedded room: 87 € (with shower)
  • or departure Sunday (4 nights, last meal: lunch).
    Meals: 114,10 €
    Accommodation in single room: 136 € (with shower), 116 € (without shower)
    Accommodation in 2-3 bedded room: 116 € (with shower)

ARRIVAL Thursday (first meal: lunch) and …

  • Departure Saturday (2 nights, last meal: dinner).
    Meals: 81,20 €
    Accommodation in single room: 68 € (with shower), 58 € (without shower)
    Accommodation in a 2-3 bedded room: 68 € (with shower)
  • or departure Sunday (3 next, last meal: lunch).
    Meals: 99,30 €
    Overnight stay in single room: 102 € (with shower), 87 € (without shower)
    Overnight stay in 2-3 bedded room: 87 € (with shower)

General information:
Meals per full day: 29,50 €
(includes breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee, dinner)
Accommodation per night: basic price: 24 €, additional for shower: 5 €; additional for single room: 10 €.
The prices include the legal value added tax.

Please note:
Image and video documentation: photos and videos will be taken at the event for documentation purposes. These recordings may be shown at the event as well as published in publications (print and online) or as part of press coverage.


Deadline for registration is 31.03.2023.

If you cancel your registration up to and including four weeks before the start date, you will be refunded any amounts already paid minus a processing fee of €40. After that, the full amount is due, unless the place can be reassigned.

For registration click go to the German part of the Webseite and scroll down the page for the registration form