Supervision Days

On supervision days we offer the chance of active drama therapeutic supervision with various trainers/supervisors at several locations in Germany.
Participants can be theatre therapists in training, drama/theatre therapists who have completed their training as well as therapists from other disciplines. Those interested will have the chance to consider the methodological diversity and artistic elements of drama/theatre therapy, as well as their own topics/cases from their own professional fields.

Ingrid Lutz in Berlin:
On request. Please direct inquiries to

Bettina Stoltenhoff-Erdmann in the Ruhrgebiet:
On request. Please direct inquiries to

Wilhelm Seidel in Ludwigsburg/Freiburg:
On request. Please direct inquiries to

Minimum number of participants: 3
Maximum: 6 participants

Fees: Depending on the size of group (plus possibly increased venue costs)


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