The water of life – in dialogue with nature

We enter into relationships with the element of water and the pristine nature of Werder Island and explore the resonant spaces that emerge.
Water as a symbol for the continuous cycle of life and for our emotions – what new forms of perception are possible through the flow of water? Which convictions can be softened, what new things are allowed to emerge, what is allowed to flow?

Throughout the week we will quickly come into contact with the essential through the rhythm of simplicity. Everyday patterns and everyday themes will be given a break. We will prepare our own meals in the beautiful outdoor kitchen and sleep in tents, either our own or the provided large tents. We have the whole island to ourselves and are able to use fruit and vegetables from the farm garden, and fish in the fish pond.

We use nature for individual or collective questions. We use the power of the elements to follow their natural laws, and we use the structure and complexity of the outside as a source of impulses and mirror for personal concerns.

To facilitate good transmission between the inner and outer world, we integrate the natural space for possible constellation work and train our perceptions and states of consciousness through e.g. guided nature tasks, meditation or intuitive archery. All participants will receive a water tale to accompany them on their way to the island.

In the evening we will share the day’s experiences around the fire and let them carry through the night in the connectedness to nature.

»Bei sich beginnen,
aber nicht bei sich enden;
von sich ausgehen,
aber nicht auf sich abzielen;
sich erfassen,
aber sich nicht mit sich befassen«
– Martin Buber –


Christine Schur and Nicole Marschner

August 28. – September 3, 2023

Werder Island, 16835 Lindow/Mark, Brandenburg, Germany

420 € (reduced 360 €). In addition, about 300 € for meals and the exclusive use of the island and its infrastructure (including crossing to the island).

We would be happy to have a short get-to-know-you meeting with interested parties before our time together. Contact:
The workshop language is predominantly German.

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