The Spirit of the Desert

Individual seminar of the series “Landscapes of the Soul”- Nature and Healing

The desert is an archetype of humankind. In many stories (like the Bible, the writings of the desert fathers, Thousand and One Nights, The Little Prince, …) it is described as a place of searching for meaning and reorientation, as a place of encounter with what is essential in us and what points beyond us.
We will live on the edge of the Negev Nature Reserve in mud huts or tents. During the day we will walk from there through the desert, alone or with others, each with a personal desert story as a travel companion. In the evening we will meet around the fire and tell the stories of the day – or listen quietly to the deep silence. Those who wish can sleep outside under the stars: in the desert, heaven is so close, the gateway to infinity (see Daniel Hell, The Desert Fathers as Therapists).

Ingrid Lutz

April 16 – 26, 2023

Makmandunes Desert Lodge, Negev Desert, Israel (south of Beer’Sheva, about 2 hours by train/bus from Tel Aviv Airport).

480 € (reduced 350 €, for participants in more than one trip in this series), plus the cost of accommodation in mud huts or tent and meals.
Travel will be organised by the participants themselves.

Note & further information:
For participation a personal conversation with Ingrid Lutz is necessary. Appointment:

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