Family myths: of rocks and flowers … – or – the “fortune” we have inherited

INTENSIVE SEMINAR on historical family issues and conflicts or individual decision-making and developmental blockages.

When people experience themselves trapped in problematic and burdening life situations, it has often not only to do with current and past difficult life situations, but is also an expression of tried and tested ‘inherited’ coping strategies of families, which are passed on from generation to generation via family narratives. These narratives store a lot of potential for aliveness, but are often ‘conserved’ in such a way that they block further development appropriate to the present and show themselves as an inability to change: we seem to be stuck in a closed room, the key to the door has been lost.

In the drama therapy deconstruction work we use various methods of system staging and constellation work, supplemented by body and mindfulness activating methods, to bring individual problem constellations into play. By means of “stage directions” this play is staged in such a way that the power of a problem fixation and attachment can be directly experienced by all participants: the individual problem, which is more or less still bearable, is taken out of its systemic balance and placed in a new space where it can be felt in all its inherent drama. In the shared interplay, helpful energies in the system can then be perceived and new perspectives discovered. Furthermore frozen system dynamics can be experienced, which in their dramatic nature can demand a “decision for survival”.

Our work is “solution-oriented” in the sense that the individual and/or all system members can experience reality constructions that were previously taken for granted or even seen as inevitable, as “alienated” and thus can be experienced as changeable. In every living system there is a necessary balance between preserving the system and rebellious impulses to adapt the (family) system to changing social conditions. We are particularly interested in the inner phrases and moral values of the individual that promote an unconscious reintegration into existing (rigid) system structures. Only the concrete experience of these individually effective attachment forces in the system enactments enables a sustainable orientation towards the individual development potentials in order to reconnect to the flow of life.

Like last year, we offer this training as an intensive seminar – this has proven to be very fruitful!
Here are some reflections on basic principles of our approach:  PDF-Dokument

In the last working session on Tuesday there is room for the methodological, but also basic therapeutic questions of the participants that have arisen during the seminar. For both participants and constellators, this deconstruction work can contain intensive therapeutic impulses; therefore, if needed, deepening and supporting follow-up sessions can be arranged with us after the seminar.

Ingrid Lutz, Karl Lesehr

Dates and times:
September 30 – October 3 (public holiday), 2023

Saturday, Sunday, Monday: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Tuesday: 10:00  am – 3:00 pm


Course fees:
390 € / 360 € reduced

Please note:
The workshop language is predominantly German

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