The Night – Theatre of Dreams

You are invited to join an interactive group experience for drama therapists, poets, artists, storytellers, and clinicians interested in exploring and focusing on Dreams. Dreams are the universal language of the soul. In this workshop we will be using a method of working on dreams called Embodied Imagination®. “EI” allows us to engage and immerse ourselves in images that nourish the imagination and restore a sense of soul. Initially based on the work of Jungian Analyst, Robert Bosnak, “EI” is currently practiced with individuals and groups in theater, art, creative research, and psychotherapy. “EI” draws from such disparate influences as ancient incubation practices, method acting, analytical psychology, neuroscience, alchemy, and complexity theory.

In this workshop you will be guided to re-enter the landscape of your dreams and the dreams of others. A slow and careful exploration of the images, from a variety of perspectives, is known to lead to an increased depth of the creative imagination and a profound sense of one’s own humanity.

Each night while we dream, we find ourselves in a quasi- physical environment. While dreaming, we are convinced we are awake, and everything appears to be physical. Then we wake……From the point of view of dreaming we are in a real world, a collective landscape inhabited by multiple subjectivities. It is an environment that fully surrounds us and engages our senses. It is a world where we can see, hear, feel, touch, and taste: we are in the Night-Theatre of Dreams.

Unique to Embodied Imagination® is the exploration of multiple perspectives in the same dream, especially non-ego perspectives or “others”. In this workshop we will learn how to shift into the perspective of these “others”, be it people, animals, or objects. Each image is the embodiment of its own interior life, intelligence, and sense of place. Through a process of attuning to these “others” and letting ourselves be fully absorbed by their unique presence, we will experience the “other” as it reveals itself to the dreamer. This allows the images to speak to us in their own manner and play a role in returning us to our deeper human nature.

This workshop is not about a particular way of decoding dreams as symbols. Instead we will discover how each dream lives inside the body and via imagination, bodywork, movement, and play we will allow the dream to lead the way to the underworld of human experience.This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn how to deeply engage with dream-images, their embodied intelligence, and discover how Embodied Imagination® is a doorway to the soul.

Theatre of Dreams – suggested Literature


14. – 15.08.2021

Jill Fischer und Monika Rauscher


220 € (200 € ermäßigt)

Weitere Hinweise:
This workshop will be held in English, Translation available.


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