Developmental Transformations:  Theory, Methods, and Applications

This workshop will give an in-depth overview of Developmental Transformations and its applications both in clinical and social contexts.  DvT is a method of helping people enter and sustain a healing playspace consisting of spontaneous improvisational play with others.  DvT is based on a perspective on existence that encourages people to decrease their fear of the instability of experience, rather than attempting to attain that stability, which inevitably leads to controlling how other people behave.  Working toward the ability to be present in the middle of life’s tumult – the very task of improvisation – is the spirit of DvT.  We will explore how this works with severely ill clients, people who have experienced trauma, students in public schools, and on the streets.

David R. Johnson

Termin und Zeiten:
14. – 15. März 2020 verschoben auf Herbst 2020, genauer Termin wird noch bekannt gegeben

Samstag: ca. 10 – 19 Uhr
Sonntag: ca. 10 – 15 Uhr


220 € (ermäßigt 200 €)

Dr. Johnson, a clinical psychologist and drama therapist at Yale University, will speak on identifying the impact of trauma in sociocultural contexts, such as public schools, criminal justice systems, and economics of cities and towns.  He will emphasize the need for public health as well as mental health approaches to these problems, and give examples of successful and unsuccessful attempts from his experience in the United States.


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